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Existing UK Community Gardens, Comunes and Free Gift Economy Groups

Let's Feed The Community
Contact: Jack Cox
Website: https://letsfeedthecommunity.uk
Notes: Let's Feed The Community is a UK based non-profit organisation supporting community gardens and farms.
Our vision - is to see a growth of community gardens through the UK and for them to provide hubs for broader free gift economy community groups where all the members volunteer their particular skills free of charge without counting the cost. There is no room for bean counters here because there are no losers, only winners, when we all help each other to thrive.

Social Farms & Garden - The GreenHouse, Hereford Street, Bristol BS3 4NA
Website: https://farmgarden.org.uk
Notes: Social Farms & Gardens is a UK wide charity supporting communities to farm, garden and grow together.
Our vision - people and communities reaching their full potential through nature-based activities as a part of everyday life.
Our mission - to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and the environment through nature-based activities.

Healing Gardens - Glastonbury - Somerset BA6 8AG
Contact: Juliet Yelverton
Website: http://healing-gardens.co.uk
Notes: It costs a nominal two pounds fifty a month to be a member and every time you come and work you can take food away, good, healthy organic food. The fee is just to cover the cost of seeds and tools. So if you live anywhere near Glastonbury, please do support this wonderful community project. If you don't live close to Glastonbury, you might want to take a look at what Juliet is doing and do something similar where you live. Juliet will be happy to give you advice about permaculture, no-dig organic gardening and setting up a community garden. Contact her via her website.

UK People Who Want To Form A new
Community Garden, Comune or Free Gift Economy Group

Contact: Jack Cox
email this person.
Notes: I would love to get together with like minded, awakened people to buy a plot of land, grown our own food and live according to the principles of a Free Gift Economy.
Location - Anywhere in England or Spain

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