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What are the advantages of having an
Informal Free Gift Economy?

"We are going to enter a time of abundance where there will be true gift economies and sharing that will enable a restoration of ecosystemic magnitude unheard of before.

"So I think that we're in very exciting times and it's not for us to wait for this to happen. This is for each one of us to step up and do now, to take self responsibility, for each one of us to become a radiant loving being, for each one of us to step up to fulfil our roles of being human on this Earth now and act as part of this living biocircuitry of this living matrix we call Earth."

Dan Schreiber

"In a gift culture, the more generous you are, the more wealthy you are because if you give generously then, if you have a need, everybody's going to want to take care of you to give what you can and take what you need."

Charles Eisenstein

"We've got to find something new and something completely new means moving away from a money based society. All the ancient cultures have a form of ubuntu, communities that work as a united, unified community of individuals for the greater benefit of all the people in that community. And for that you don't need money. No money, no barter, no trade, no value attached to anything, where everybody contributes their God given talents or acquired skills to the greater benefit of all in their community.

"They all talk about the same thing, communities that work as a united, unified community of individuals for the greater benefit of all the people in that community.

"Money does nothing. People do everything. People plot, people build the rockets, people solve the mathematical equations, people have the capacity for infinite love. Money does nothing. All that money does is create the obstacles and the hurdles for people, from attaining the food and the technology and the infinite love. Money gets in the way of everything. It is the absolute tool of control, and the obstacle to progress.

"The sooner we realise it, the sooner we can get ourselves out of this money matrix. So the only way to get over this is to get rid of money. There can be no other way. And that is the way that I suggest as a brand new way for the future, not just a repetition of the same mistakes, a complete moneyless society. I call it contributionism."

Michael Tellinger

Michael Tellinger calls it Contributionism, I call it an Informal Free Gift Economy.

Informal because there is no government involvement. This is not communism where a strong government becomes the tyrant. This is just peer to peer generosity that really empowers the people on the ground. Free Gift because we give generously without counting the cost and without asking for any reward. Don't pay me back, pay it forward. What goes around comes around. I'm talking about a society where people gain recognition, not from how much they take out of society (big house, fast car) but by how much they put in, how much they contribute to the lives of others.

We've got to stop bean counting. We've got to stop keeping score. We've got to get rid of this fear that somebody is getting one over on us. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all help one another to thrive instead of trying to thrive at eachother's expense? Wouldn't it be wonderful if we helped the Joneses to keep up with us?

Money is about meanness, it’s really just a way of saying I will ONLY give you this if you give me that.

Is it really human nature to be so mean or have we been conned somewhere along the way? Have we been instilled with a fake and unfounded fear, a fear that enables the Globalist Elite to control us?

What would happen if we tried something different? I'll give you this because I have two and you have none and you look like you could use one.

That would bring down the whole corrupt system. It would cause a revolution. We need a peaceful revolution to destroy the power of the Globalist Elite so let's give it go.

This is not communism or socialism. Far be it for me to support communism. I consider communism to be an evil system. Having said that I love the communist manifesto For each according to his ability, to each according to his need. That's beautiful. It's simply another way of saying that we are all our brother's keeper. It's just the communist implementation of this beautiful idea which is ugly. It all goes wrong when that beautiful seed idea is administered by government.

Politics is corrupting and all governments, by their very nature, become corrupt. But if we lived in an informal gift economy, with no money and nobody keeping score, with everybody doing what they could for each other and taking what was offered by others according to their need, we would live in paradise. It's only when governments get involved that the whole thing goes tits up. Communism is supposed to be about the people holding all the wealth collectively but what it really is, is the government holding all the wealth and turning the people into slaves.

What I am talking about is people owning their own wealth but being generous with it. This puts the people in control, each and every one of us individually. It's about us all taking care of each other without interference from any government or welfare state.

And the beauty is that we don't need anyone's permission to do it. We can start to live that way today just by deciding to do it. If we do then the Globalist Elite are screwed.

There is more than enough wealth for every one of us but we are separated from it by fear. And our fear makes us mean to others which gives them good reason to be fearful. Then their fear makes them mean which makes others fearful and mean. And around and around we go on the everlasting, ever perpetuating carousel of fear until someone shouts STOP !!!

Well I am shouting STOP right now. That's why I wrote this book. We don't have to go on living like this. There is a better way.

It's these sorts of common sense ideas, green, local, ecological, decentralised, power to the people ideas, that should be being pushed by the Green Party. What a shame that the Green Party has sold out to Marxists and Globalists who want to impose a totalitarian one world government. But we don't need political parties who let us down and stab us in the back. We can create our own informal free gift economy groups. Just small, local groups to start, giving stuff away on the streetbank.com and freecycle.org websites, growing food to give away and making things to give away, looking after our neighbours and our friends. The different groups can grow together over time. But let's just concentrate on taking care of the people closest to us for now.

We are not in a position to roll this out nationwide yet, for reasons I explain in this book but I still want us to focus on helping other generous, tolerant, broad-minded, loving people before ourselves. Apart from the moral imperative, its easier to create wealth when you want to use it to help others. So let's not scare money away now by thinking it's bad. It isn't the money that's bad at all. Its the greed and selfishness that are bad. In fact having money in today's world is extremely empowering so long as we use it for good.

So let’s take a look at some of the other things we can do to remove the fear from our lives and replace it with love. Continue reading ..........

Love not Fear

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