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Let's feed the community

I put out a video, a couple of months ago now, about what would happen if Boris Johnson decided to bring out the Medical Apartheid Passports. Boris has promised that this won't happen for food shopping or other essential shopping, and maybe it won't, but just a few months ago he promised it wasn't going to happen at all. Well he's already broken that promise, so will he break this one? Probably. The man has absolutely no integrity.

As I've said in other videos, if we're excluded from participating in the legacy, money based, economy because of our medical choices we're going to have to start our own alternative economy. I wrote about that in my book, Love Not Fear and I've made loads of videos about it too.

I have described at length how we can all serve one another on an informal basis, without any money, without anybody keeping score, without any winners or losers, because that's what money is for. It's a mechanism for keeping score so we can have winners or losers, so as to perpetuate the fear, the fear they use to control us. And yes, it has to be informal, nobody in charge, nobody keeping score, this is not communism. I'm not talking about a centrally planned economy. I'm talking about a laissez faire economy but without money, where we all have private wealth but where we're generous with it.

Our top needs are food and shelter, but most of us already have our shelter needs met. Of course we want all our needs met and my free gift economy will guarantee that but let's look at food first. If you can, grow your own food. If you've got enough land, become self sufficient in food. If you've got a little bit more land, grow a surplus of food to give away. Let's feed our communities.

But can we take it a stage further? I've got a very dear friend in Glastonbury. Her name is Juliet Yelverton. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for this lady, she's absolutely brilliant. She's acquired a field behind her property which she runs as a community garden. Please do check it out at http://healing-gardens.co.uk . It costs a nominal two pounds fifty a month to be a member and every time you come and work you can take food away, good, healthy organic food. The fee is just to cover the cost of seeds and tools. So if you live anywhere near Glastonbury, please do support this wonderful community project.

If you don't live close to Glastonbury, you might want to take a look at what Juliet is doing and do something similar where you live.

Great, but can we take this even further? Can we make the community garden, a hub for a broader humanity project? My dream is to have Free Gift Projects everywhere, projects that are not just for gardeners but where everyone in the community can get involved, and do what they do, for other members of the community, free of charge. Because what goes around comes around.

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